Sasape International Shipyard Limited

SISL-Board-400There is a very positive share of the market that SASAPE INTERNATIONAL SHIPYARD LIMITED will access and it becomes the major shipyard in the Solomon Islands providing services to the highest standards.

SASAPE INTERNATIONAL SHIPYARD LIMITED looks forward to continuing its work in helping raise local industry standards and providing important maintenance and repair services to the increasing number of vessels operating in the region

Solomon Islands National Provident Fund


SINPF is a leading financial institution established by the Solomon Islands National Provident Act (Cap 109) which seeks to invest its superannuation funds in the best manner possible.

Silentworld Shipping and Logistics


SWL is the pre-eminent shipping Company in the Solomon Islands and has extensive operations throughout the archipelago. From the base at Ranadi in the capital Honiara, Silentworld operates cargo vessels to all major points in the Solomon Islands every week.

On the passenger side, Silentworld operates a livaboard Dive vessel, exploring sites throughout the islands, from weekend trips, week long trips, up to custom tours for longer periods. In addition, Silentworld operates a number of specialist maritime activities such as the provision of a Police Patrol Boat to the Australian Federal Police who are in the Solomon Islands as part of the RAMSI mission.